Things we appreciated from our travels

We were fortunate to spend a good amount of time visiting different countries over the last nine months of travel. Electricity, tea, and vegetarian food in Scotland We spent a month in Scotland and I think the thing we came to appreciate the most was the tea. Specifically Scottish breakfast tea. Evidently the Scottish varietyContinue reading “Things we appreciated from our travels”

Lodging options while on extended travel

Over the past eight months, we’ve traveled across six countries outside of the US while staying in nine different AirBnB properties, seven hotels, and one independently rented house. Hotels I like to use hotels instead of AirBnB for short stays of one or two nights. Mostly because I feel less of a need to cleanContinue reading “Lodging options while on extended travel”

The Queen’s English is so literal

One thing that we’ve really enjoyed about being in the UK is the usage of colloquialisms all over the place and on things in which you would normally expect to find more formal language. Signage, for example, seems to be a common place. My favorite below is the “Twenty’s Plenty” as a speed limit sign.Continue reading “The Queen’s English is so literal”

Life comes at you fast in this brave new world

Just two days ago I said that we would likely be continuing our trip through Scandinavia/Europe as planned. Then the metaphorical shit hit the fan in Norway with a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases on March 10th. As an aside, Norway has a nice live-updating coronavirus statistics page. I spoke with theContinue reading “Life comes at you fast in this brave new world”

Flying Ryanair, better than anticipated

Ryanair gets a fair amount of bad press as an airline. Obviously this is mostly related to it being a budget option that provides really no extras with your trip in exchange for having low fares. We recently flew Ryanair between Brussels and Edinburgh and honestly didn’t find it to be all that bad. We’veContinue reading “Flying Ryanair, better than anticipated”

Visiting DIT and Coventry University

This post was originally posted here on 24 October 2017. October 8th to the 13th (2017), I traveled to Ireland and England with my dean, Chuck Bomar, to pay visits to the Dublin Institute of Technology (note: DIT is now a part of a newly formed institution called TU Dublin) and Coventry University. The purposeContinue reading “Visiting DIT and Coventry University”

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