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Life comes at you fast in this brave new world

Cumulative coronavirus cases in Norway through 2020-03-10. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Just two days ago I said that we would likely be continuing our trip through Scandinavia/Europe as planned. Then the metaphorical shit hit the fan in Norway with a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases on March 10th. As an aside, Norway has a nice live-updating coronavirus statistics page. I spoke with the family in Norway that we were planning on visiting and they strongly recommended postponing our visit since it seemed that Norway was heading quickly towards a lock down scenario with people being told to stay home from work and lots of trains and events being cancelled. We had started noticing issues probably a week earlier when the train that we were planning to book down to Malmö, Sweden disappeared from the timetables.

Unfortunately, we are unable to escape from this situation financially unscathed. We have two flights that we have been unable to modify and are of course nonrefundable as well as a Paris hotel reservation we will similarly have to pay for. Luckily, a lot of things went right and we aren’t getting hit as hard as it could have been. Delta was able to work with us to change our April flight from Paris to Minneapolis into a flight next week from London to Minneapolis for no extra charge. Additionally, the cute little AirBnB that we had booked in Malmö had a very generous cancellation policy and we were able to get all of our money back from that reservation. We were also going to be staying with family while in Norway, so won’t lose any money there. I think that all in all we will lose about $1000 in nonrefundable stuff, but this is a small price to pay to avoid the risks to ourselves and others by trotting through four more countries before returning home as we had originally planned.


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