IRN-BRU, the Inca Kola of Scotland

In Perú, Inca Kola has a bit of a cult following and is quite popular. The flavor is something like carbonated bubble-gum juice. It is not entirely off-putting, but is definitely overly sweet and takes a little getting used to. Still, it is regularly served at restaurants and seen being carried on the streets by locals and tourists alike.

We have been a little surprised to discover that there is a similar local drink in Scotland called IRN-BRU (Iron Brew). It is known as “Scotland’s other national drink.“, after whisky of course. The flavor of IRN-BRU is hard to describe. The drink is orange in color but not in flavor. It tastes somewhat fruity, but nothing specifically definable. According to Reddit, it “tastes kinda like rust and battery acid.”

Published by devinberg

Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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