We jumped across the pond

After completing our ~5 months in Perú, we made a stop at home to have two weeks of holiday time with our families. Now we’ve jumped to the other side of the Atlantic for a few months in Europe/Scandinavia. Our first stop on this leg is a month long stay in France.

Our kids have thoroughly enjoyed the trips to the ocean, we are only a 15 minute walk away! The town we are currently staying in is called Jard-sur-Mer. It is a small vacation town on the Atlantic coast, which seems popular with retirees and Brits. Though there are not too many of either of those here right now. We are here in the off-season so the place is mostly closed up and many of the restaurants and shops are shut down for the time being. This is perfectly fine with us because we came here for some quiet time and didn’t plan to go out to eat too often. We’ve instead thoroughly enjoyed shopping at the local grocery store and preparing all of our meals at home. We’ve also had a great time visiting the bakeries and ogling their goods.

My daughter picking out what she wants at the bakery.

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Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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