Brussels is for lovers… of food

In our transition from France to Scotland, we arranged a five day layover in Brussels. We arrive in Brussels via the train from Paris. With such a short stay in Brussels, we mainly only had time to hit the highlights; Manneken Pis, Belgian waffles, and chocolate being at the top of the list. Manneken PisContinue reading “Brussels is for lovers… of food”

Disneyland Paris isn’t that amazing

The end of our visit to France involved a two and a half day visit to Disneyland Paris. After a lot of rearranging of plans due to an unexpected hospitalization, we managed to keep our plans for visiting Disneyland only by renting a car and driving back to Paris from the Atlantic coast, just shyContinue reading “Disneyland Paris isn’t that amazing”

Vegetarian food in France can be hard to find

While coming across some vegetarian offerings in the grocery stores of the larger French cities isn’t too difficult, finding options elsewhere has been a surprising challenge. Countless times I’ve asked restaurant employees and boulangerie staff if any of their food items, besides baked goods, are vegetarian, only to be answered, “non!” We managed to getContinue reading “Vegetarian food in France can be hard to find”

We jumped across the pond

After completing our ~5 months in PerĂº, we made a stop at home to have two weeks of holiday time with our families. Now we’ve jumped to the other side of the Atlantic for a few months in Europe/Scandinavia. Our first stop on this leg is a month long stay in France. Our kids haveContinue reading “We jumped across the pond”

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