Paying a visit to Santiago

The kids had a week off from school for the break between quarters. Thus we decided to use the opportunity to travel a little outside of Perú, which in turn allows us to renew our 90 day visa. Our first stop on the trip is Santiago, Chile. This is the farthest South we have ever been and also the farthest from home. We used our time in Santiago to explore the city. There are abundant parks and things to entertain the children.

The monument at the top of San Cristóbal.

We rode the funicular up San Cristóbal, visited the zoo, and followed that up with the gondola.

The kids seeing the elephants at the zoo.

There were plenty of opportunities to play in some of the many playgrounds.

The kids had a great time enjoying the abundant play structures in the parks.

One thing we’ve noticed is the strong sense of community. Similar to Urubamba, you’ll regularly find people outside, gathering in green spaces and just being together. Of course this occurs sometimes at home as well, but seems more common here.

On the weekends there are performers in the children’s play areas putting on magic shows and such.

A magician puts on a show in the local park for tips.

The history is plentiful with some colonial structures and architecture as well as precolonial influences in some cases.

Finally, the food is great. Being a big city, there are a lot of options around but also lots of local influences.

A delicious waffle filled with fruit and caramel.

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