Buenos Aires for a final stop

Moving on from Santiago, the next stop on our itinerary was a visit to Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires, before returning to Perú. Our AirBnB in Buenos Aires was in a little quieter area than the one in Santiago. It definitely had a more residential fear even though all of the living accommodations were 8-9 story apartment buildings.

Our first full day in the city, we did a little walking tour of the nearby parks. This included a rose garden, Japanese garden, and the Ecoparque.

Our daughter checking out the roses.
Our son checking out the roses. They always have to have the same photos…

The Ecoparque was undergoing an expansive, multi-year renovation so many parts of it were closed. However, this former city zoo was still worth the visit and had many animals for us to see. Interestingly, there were Patagonian Mara wandering freely around which make the kids very excited. Once this park is fully remodeled, we expect it will be something to see.

The next day we had to look for something to do indoors with rain in the forecast for basically the entire day. We took a taxi to the children’s museum which is located in a shopping center. The museum was able to entertain the kids for more than two hours and they could have easily stayed much longer. They had a model grocery store and model McDonald’s restaurant that were very interactive. The kids loved playing at shopping, cashiering, and burger flipping.

Our final day in Buenos Aires was full of rain. After heavy rains much of the night and a steady rain most of the day, the streets were somewhat flooded. I used a brief break in the rain to try out the city’s free(!) bike share program. It was a little tough to do since I didn’t have mobile data while in Argentina (still not sure why since our Peruvian Claro SIMs were supposed to work throughout South America) and had to trigger a code for a bike while in the apartment and then run to the nearest bike station to grab one before the 5 minute timer expired.

Flooded streets after heavy rains.

We tried not to let the rain stop us from getting out and seeing a bit more of the city. We took a taxi (using Cabify) to Caminito, a popular tourist attraction for souvenir shopping and food. Many of the restaurants feature love someone or tango dancing and the building a vibrant colors. We had thought about trying to see the historic buildings on the Plaza de Mayo but the resurgence of the heavy rain kept us away.

We tried to have a somewhat early evening because we had to get up at 4:30 the next morning to catch our airport taxi.

The flights back to Cusco, through Lima, were mostly uneventful. We were a little surprised when the immigration officer in Lima only gave us a 70 day visa rather than the customary 90 days. Luckily we only need 69 days to get us to our return flight home. We’ve heard some rumors of immigration becoming a little more strict on visa offerings in recent years.

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