A brief stop in Valparaíso

During our stay in Chile, we decided to take a day to make the trip to the coastal city of Valparaíso. Valparaíso turned out to be quite an interesting city. Though we didn’t do our planning well enough and ended up spending a fair amount of time wandering around, heading in the complete wrong direction from the tourist stops we were trying to find.

The city felt a bit different from Santiago, prices were a little cheaper in general but it was a lot more touristy. First we went looking for the beach. There wasn’t really a good spot to get to the water where we were but we were still happy to see the South Pacific.

Next we went searching for the funiculars. Google Maps had is walking a while to try to find one and eventually left us at a dead end. We saw a church up ahead and went to take a closer look. The steps leasing up to the church turned out to be one of the city’s tourist attractions, the piano steps. Valparaíso is also know for it’s street a art, and of course we were able to see lots of interesting works.

A street mural in Valparaíso.

There were several cafes and such. We ultimately stopped in for a little refreshment as it was quite hot out. Again though, the whole vibe is that it is a tourist city and this was reflected in the prices at the cafe.

The famous, “We are not hippies, we are happies” mural.

Overall, the city is very pretty with it’s bold colors, something we don’t do well in Wisconsin, and artistic feel. Not sure it was a favorite destination for us but still worth the bus trip.

A panorama skyline view.

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Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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